Leadership and Board Services

Whether your business is a multinational corporation, mid-sized business, NGO, international organization, or a startup, let CAPTIS’s comprehensive range of services assist you in achieving key milestones.

Board Services

CAPTIS has developed an outstanding Non-Executive Recruitment Services practice through our accumulated knowledge and vast global network. In addition, our non-executive placements bring their own experience, knowledge, analytical skills, connections and network to our clients' businesses or boards, boosting and sustaining their objectives and enabling the businesses or boards to reach their strategic and operational goals.

Talent Acquisition

In contrast to targeted Executive Search, CAPTIS also offers Talent Acquisition Services to help with clients' mid and long-term objectives. Through our Talent Acquisition Services, CAPTIS consultants search for talent on an ongoing basis, utilizing their contacts across industries and territories to scout for best-in-class talent. This service minimizes overall hiring costs and suits long-term human asset development strategies.

Leadership Strategy

The most successful businesses around the globe have one thing in common: strategic leadership. Our Leadership Strategy Services have proven to be the very foundation of our clients' healthy and efficient organizations. With our expert, unbiased, and honest view and assessment, we can be instrumental in shaping your strategy by answering key strategic questions, clarifying the focus and direction of your organization, and aligning the performance environment accordingly. We are sensitive to, and respectful of, your methods and style of management — relevantly assisting you in directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. The outcome is often a measurable shift in our client organization's human asset approach, behavior, and functional and operational clarity. Further, our Leadership Strategy Services help to standardize the overall organizational design, communication, methods, individual responsibility, and general efficiency. Each client's situation is unique. We kindly invite you to contact us to confidentially explore if and how CAPTIS can help you leverage your organization's structure and effectiveness.

Change Management

Every business requires change and adaptation at some point of time in order to adjust to a variety of factors: new market conditions, geopolitical situations, technological evolution, profitability, access to investments, competitors' behavior, etc. Our specialty is to define methods your organization will utilize to organize and implement an effective response to change, while mitigating disruption, ensuring a smooth transition, assessing risks, evaluating outputs, identifying required resources, and detailing "build-test-implement" responsibilities.

CEO Succession

Whether you are a private, public, or non-profit organization, let us assist your Board of Directors in your CEO succession process. Our CEO Succession Services can create and implement the criteria for identifying and developing your next CEO. We pay particular attention to each Board's governance and time constraints. Similar to our Executive Search practice, our exposure to business operations, as well as our awareness of key metrics and ways to prioritize them, ensure a valid and successful transition.

Organizational Design

It is simple. Our Organizational Design Services assist in the alignment of the structure of an organization with its objectives. Often, due to a variety of circumstances, a gap develops between an organization's current structure and the structure needed for its development. As a result, overall effectiveness and efficiency are greatly impacted. We provide functional assistance in bridging those gaps by adapting organizational processes and practices. This includes business processes, workflows, roles, responsibilities, workloads, analysis of activities and resources, etc. Our "expert eye" and field aptitude can develop a design that optimizes your operational costs, improves your profitability, and sustains the internal synergy and general effectiveness of your business.

Leadership Assessment & Development

Leadership Development is one of the most critical organizational functions. Our Leadership Development Services assess an executive's fitness in any given environment, in order to achieve optimal performance, helping the executive and the organization be more efficient and successful. Tackling "ordinary" situations is a skill that is often acquired "on-the-job," which does not always result in the best outcome for the organization. Our experience is that executives are often very eager to obtain more knowledge and improve their leadership skills. Organizations often invest in trainings and various courses with varied results. We believe that leadership development should always be personalized and preceded by a quality assessment. This enables specific and relevant feedback, especially in areas that necessitate a degree of improvement. Our consultants employ several leadership-development techniques, depending on the general environment, size, structural complexity, and executive roles, respectively. CAPTIS is very experienced in providing such assessment, in addition to a clear output in relation to expected results, specifically in terms of role optimization, efficiency, and behavioral change.

Our Consultants have been setting new standards in the field of Leadership & Board Services for many years now, and have successfully filled countless positions globally. Our approach to consulting is based on streamlined processes, which are continually analyzed in order to ensure that the greatest possible efficiency is maintained at all times, keeping in line with our clients’ internal practices, expectations, and their projected image.


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