Management Consulting

Leverage your business via mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s and sourcing services with CAPTIS's Management Consulting Services

Mergers and Acquisitions

A key merger or acquisition adds considerable, often necessary, value to your business. CAPTIS can help you find the right opportunity and implement it properly; a process that involves the requisite valuation, negotiation, and realization processes. Our network is global, allowing you to tap limitless possibilities. Furthermore, our consultants can assist in designing your growth strategy, as well as accomplish your due diligence. Legal, tax, or regulatory questions? We are capable of helping you find answers through our wide network of dedicated and available associates.


A healthy private corporation with the right potential may raise significant capital from private investors through a new stock issuance. Let CAPTIS assist your business in addressing key issues: sales tax compliance, revenue recognition and leasing (ASC606/842, IFRS15, etc.); systems, processes and control (CEO/CFO compliance certification); governance and risk management; online compliance, etc. CAPTIS, along with its vast network of proven and
dedicated associates, can assist you in each of these steps.

We are often approached for IPO Services in the following scenarios: a business has an extraordinary story, an organization has unique and significant contracts or partnerships, a business has a remarkable leader that can take the team to the next step, or the entity has protectable IP. Let us assist you with your IPO situation.

Perhaps you have a distinctive project, but you are not there yet. Let us connect you with the appropriate banks internationally, leveraging your business to the right level. We are ready to explore these opportunities with you.

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing Services are extremely valuable to businesses at any level, achieving the highest supply chain optimization by consolidating general purchasing power. In a collaborative process, CAPTIS consultants assist businesses to align their purchasing power with their global value proposition. Utilizing CAPTIS to help build a diverse, qualified, and robust supply base will help your organization improve efficiency, quality, and cash flow. From mid-sized companies to multinational corporations, CAPTIS consultants are capable of engaging at every step of the project: collecting and compiling data, evaluating existing processes and practices, building new supply chain methodology, setting the internal tools required for a flawless purchasing practice (material, logistical, financial, online portal mechanisms), defining criteria and components for corporate needs (price, supply, service, maintenance, quality, innovation, etc.), providing complete processes and related training,
and, finally, sourcing and classifying suppliers.

Organizations who have benefitted from our consultants’ services:

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